You need affordable effective custom web design.

You want attractive, effective design.

You want your site to work well in current browsers and show up in the search engines.

You need code designed to simplify maintenance and upgrades.

You must have results within your budget.

Hunter can help!

I write solid code that complies with W3C standards. I design using best practices for clarity and accessibility. I support my markup with PHP and unobtrusive, DOM-based JavaScript. I work to ensure your page behaves exactly as it should, and I test your pages in a variety of browsers to ensure a good experience for all visitors.

Getting started is easy.

I can take your input along with your existing business cards, brochures, letterhead, photos, and other marketing materials to produce custom web pages that are clean, attractive, easy to maintain, accessible to your visitors, visible to the search engines, and compatible with current browsers. If you do not have marketing materials, I can design a company identity and create the look of your site from scratch. Your new web site will make your business more competitive.

You Need A Website

If you have a small business or organization, you need a website.

Odds are, your business or organization is already listed somewhere. It might be on a Chamber of Commerce page or in a business directory, but that's not enough.

Your competitors have the same listings and they may already have websites.

If you don't have a website for your business, you may be losing business.

Enhance an Existing Site

Hunter can maintain, update, or upgrade your existing site.

I can give your site a fresh, new look or add new features such as a blog, an image gallery, or an online coupon.